Take a breath..... No, a deeper one..............

That was better! Now we can continue.

Have you noticed that the simplest of things can have the most complex explanations?

For example: "Mama, where does rain come from?", "Mama, how does rain turn to snow?", "Mama, where do babies come from..." Ahem!!! TOO SOON! Moving on.....

The beauty of homeschooling comes from the ability to take those questions and explore the answers together. It creates an excitement in the hearts of little ones in being able to have a say to add in things that they are interested in learning and gives them the desire to learn more!

Yesterday we left the worksheets, reading, and chores to go in search of snow. In Phoenix we get snow very rarely and it doesn't last long. So we left our normal routine and spur the moment decided to go in search of some snow as we had had some strong storms. Shaking up the routine for a wonderful experience that they can feel and touch to get questions answered can be the perfect way to teach. Now we can learn more about weather and how the seasons and temperature effects the precipitation. Yay for hands on science!

Homeschooling is all about giving them a firm foundation to build on and using that to help them explore and learn new things in the way that they learn best. Each lesson is tailored to them and they get one on one time with their parent. And sometimes that time includes some snow ball fights!

Active learning is one of the best tools in your toolbox, so don't let it sit there gathering dust!

Now go out there and explore with your little explorer!

- Lysette & Yohanna

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