Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
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It had been one of those days..... You know, the ones where you just need to get a minute to yourself, or you might lose it? Mommy just needed some quiet time. So, when my husband got home that day, I grabbed my camera and walked out to the backyard to practice my macro photography. I walked to the west side of the yard and started happily snapping away as I enjoyed the sun hitting my back. It was completely silent, and I was very happy to get a moment of peace.

The sudden searing pain shooting up from my back quickly stole away the peace I was enjoying. Then the all familiar buzzing started to get louder in my ears. I ran toward the house clutching my camera and trying to get the bee out from under my shirt. The buzzing was getting louder behind me as more bees took up the chase. I made it to the porch and as I did another bee found its mark right on my forehead. 

I stripped off my shirt and quickly ran inside. Leaving my camera where I had quickly abandoned it on the porch. I ran to my room and with the help of the mirror was able to see the stinger that was left in my forehead. I removed it with shaking hands as I was trying to breath through the pain. The tears were streaming down my face even though I wasn't crying. The pain was just so bad that it made the tears keep coming.

My husband came running into the bathroom to help. I had him put some essential oils on my back where I had been stung multiple times. I was in so much pain I now can't recall what exactly he put me.

Fast-forward a couple days and I noticed that my face wasn't quite looking normal. As the days passed my face morphed into what you could say looked like a Klingon from Star Trek.  It was sooooo bad! It got to the point where I couldn't even open my eyes.(see picture above

I had been using essential oils, but my body had gone into such crisis that the essential oils were too much. I had to stopped to give my body a break and the swelling had gotten pretty bad. Following the short break of a couple days, I introduced Roman Chamomile essential oil to the regimen. Within one day the swelling went down so much so, that I could finally open my eyes!(see picture to the left) I was blown away with how much it had helped. I will never be without this amazing oil again! 

If you would like to try Roman Chamomile follow the link, HERE.

(Disclaimer: This is my personal experience that I am sharing. I am not recommending anyone else use Roman Chamomile essential oil for severe bee stings. I highly recommend you seek medical advice if you have significant allergic issues with bees.)

- Yohanna

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