Sister Power LLC was started by Lysette and Yohanna. 
They are Arizona based sisters-that support families in their journey to wellness and toxic free living.

Lysette is a mom, wife, an advocate for wellness, and really big proponent for encouraging emotional support. 
     For her being a mom is the most important job she has. The responsibility that comes with this job is where her heart and mission for this company come from. 
     Doing the best to care for her family in every area in life is her goal. 
Health in body, mind, soul, and spirit is a big focus for her and she is continually improving in these ares.
     Having dealt with trauma in her life, something very important to her is thriving in life. Life is suppose to be enjoyed to the fullest, not just survived. This is her passion, helping others to overcome and improve in every area of their life!

Yohanna  is a mom, wife, an adovocate for wellness, an advocate for independence of those with special needs, an advocate for bridging the social gap between the special needs and typical communities, and a huge supporter for natural emotional support.

     Becoming a mom changed her view of the world quickly as personal experiences led to the knowledge of how much parents and children needed support in wellness, emotions and someone to advocate for them. Having walked through and healed from many health struggles and traumas as a child and as an adult, her passion is to bridge gaps, guide and help others take the necessary steps to a healthier life of freedom.

Our Background 

What we do, we have learned by walking through it ourselves for the past 10 years. We have helped our family and friends with supporting their bodies and removing toxins from their homes. Those early experiences have lead us to become an Aromatherapy Coach, Body and Wellness Advocators and Educators,  Emotional Support Educators, and Coaches that walk people through Emotional and Trauma Release.  

We believe and experience has shown us, that most of today's health issues are caused by the modern lifestyle. What we put on and in our bodies really effect how we live.  Our courses teaches people how to make small changes in their lifestyle. Those small changes include environmental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Together, these create a compounding positive effect on their well-being.

The Freedom Course had been very informative, helpful, and just fun to be part of!! Yohanna and Lysette-you are both so easy to talk to and great at sharing information in just the right amounts so we are not overwhelmed and it makes changing to a healthy, non/less toxic lifestyle seem attainable! 

- Jennifer Mowery Miller

Are you ready to change your life?