Do you react to your home?

Do you feel there is something in your home weighing you down?
Are you are ready to take back your health, energy? 
Are you ready to obliterate the toxins from your 
home and see the changes it has on your health
If you answered "YES", then this course is for you! 

Did you know that there are hundreds of toxins hiding in your home?
These toxins can cause havoc with the proper function of the human body. We tend to ignore the warning signals that our body is sending us. These signals are telling us that our body needs support. These signals can show up in many different ways, from brain fog, digestive issues, skin rashes, low immune system, etc. 

One of the main reasons we created this course and why helping 
others is so important to us!

Through this course you will:

1) Understand the different systems of the body. 
You will learn how each one functions and what they do to support your body. 

2) Know where to find toxins in your home. 
You will learn where toxins are hiding and which products have toxins.

3) Learn what to look for in the products you use. 
You will learn how to research the ingredients and recognize the toxins in products before you buy them.

4) Understand how the toxins effect your body and how it functions. 
This is where you will realize that some of what you are dealing with is related to the toxins in your home.

5) Be empowered as the gate keeper of your home.
The knowledge you gain will give you the information you need to improve your home. 

6) Have confidence and understanding of how to care for you family.
You will now understand at a deeper level how much you are in control of and how you can be proactive in caring for your family.

7) Have the know how to make informed decisions on what to use for you and your family.
This course is designed to give you the tools and confidence to take the steps you need to care of your family to the best of your ability. 



Sister Power LLC
Phoenix, Arizona, USA