Frankincense Essential Oil!
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My introduction to essential oils is pretty dramatic. I was not what you would call a crunchy mama but a do it yourself hard workin' mama.

Through my first two pregnancies my foot was somehow introduced to plantar warts. They had basically taken over the bottom of my left foot. (Gross, I know!) I had over 23 warts just on my big toe not counting all the ones across the ball of my foot. 

To take care of these I had to undergo acid treatments every two weeks. They would apply the acid then the next appointment they would rip and cut away the scabbed areas and reapply the acid to the raw wound. (It was painful!) during the months of getting treatments I was caring for my two toddlers, one of whom had multiple therapies a week among other appointments, all on one foot. (I got really good at balancing and hopping around on one foot. I also could only stay upright for short stint since my foot had to stay elevated for most of the time. Crazy times! 

Eventually it got to the point where surgery was needed. The surgery was going to remove the bigger warts that had gone all the way to the muscle. I was informed that I would probably not have full range of motion with my toes afterward. I got the surgery done but it didn't work and another surgery was going to be needed, all the while the acid treatments were still taking place. But before the second surgery could take place I found out I was pregnant with my third child and that the drug that was going to be used in the surgery would cross the placenta barrier. I was advised by another doctor that the baby and I should not become a statistic for this drug and to wait for the procedure.

So I decided to wait until after I gave birth. At this time I was approached by a good friend who used essential oils. After all the copays, acid treatments, and cost of the surgery (that didn't even work), I was ready to try anything. Then the life changing frankincense was introduced to me. I bought it because I was desperate! By the time I gave birth to my third baby the warts were gone and I had full range of my toes. The scar was even mostly healed.
My life was completely changed and I have been using these precious gifts from above ever since! 
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(Disclaimer: This is my personal experience that I am sharing. I am not recommending anyone else use frankincense for warts. I highly recommend you seek medical advice if you have significant wart issues.)


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