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Our heart is help people with 360 health. Part of that 360 health is emotional health. We do personal coaching sessions, one on one, where we will walk you through an emotional healing process call Anointed to Soar.

  • What is Anointed to Soar? : It is a healing process guided with prayer, that walks step by step through to discover the root cause and where our body stores a trauma/wound. This process then helps/guides you to process, release, & heal.
  • Who does it help? : Everyone. Even those who think they have not experienced a large trauma in their lives can still have wounds that are buried and holding them back. Emotional blocks and lack of feelings can be caused by a trauma or wound.
  • How does is help? : Once a trauma/wound is healed and released, a person can move forward without reacting to triggers causing them to be bound to the past where the trauma/wound occurred.

What a Session Includes:
An Anointed Soar Session includes an hour of time spent with a certified facilitator, who will walk you through the process of finding the root of the trauma/wound and how to heal it. This process varies person by person and some times can take multiple sessions to work through layers of trauma and wounding.

This process can be delicate and is kept confidential. Everything shared stays between facilitator and client. This process also requires dedication and commitment from the client to work outside of the session to actively complete the healing process. 

The facilitator will contact you via email prior to a session.  Any questions not answered above can be answered at this time. 
Anointed to Soar Session
Are you ready to heal and move forward in your life? We would love to guide you through this process.

You can book your session here. Click the link below to choose a time that works for you and pay for your session.