Copaiba & Grand Fir Essential Oils
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"Mom! It HURTS!" the cries from the other room slowly got louder as my daughter limped her way to where I was.

She had caught her pinky toe on the corner of what she was rushing by and broke her toe. It was already turning a deep purplish-blue color. I quickly grabbed some grand fir and copaiba essential oils. I applied them right away and her crying started to calm and subside. 

I asked her how it felt and she sniffled and smiled at me as she informed me that it had stopped hurting.

I made sure she elevated her foot for most of that day. Every day after that whenever she felt any throbbing or pain we would immediately apply more of the those two essential oils on her toe.
Within two weeks the coloring was practically normal and she was able to wear her shoes again and walk without limping.

I am so happy that her foot was able to heal itself so quickly and that the essential oils were so supportive and helped her so much!

If you would like these amazing essential oils check out this link, HERE for copaiba, and this link, HERE for grand fir. 

(Disclaimer: This is my personal experience that I am sharing. I am not recommending anyone else use Copaiba or Grand Fir essential oils for broken toes. I highly recommend you seek medical advice if you have a severely broken toe.)
- Yohanna

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