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Ways we serve our community!

OUR MISSION as Sister Power
To empower parents to live in a toxic free environment
and naturally support their health and emotional needs.

We are here to help you to find your thriving life! 
Join our community!.

Our courses are designed to help you remove all the excess toxins from your life. From your home, to your emotions and body!

We have some lovely diffuser necklaces, and some of our favorites, affirmation diffuser bracelets.  

Lysette & Yohanna

Sisters by birth and Friends by choice.
Wives, Mamas, Homeschoolers and Business Builders.
Empowered by God to share with others how to live life to the fullest in the most proactive way!


Hi there!

 We are Lysette and Yohanna, just in case you didn't know that from the title of our website. (LOL..we so funny!)

 Creating this space in the cyber world has been a dream of ours. Our worlds have consisted of our own little bubbles and it has felt so far removed to the point of becoming lonely. Homeschooling, teaching, cooking, cleaning, and all the countless other things that are required of parenthood can sometimes lead to parents feeling lost and alone.

 We are here to break the stigma that when you become a parent, you lose yourself and who you are. You have a choice and the strength to do so much and be so much. There are so many countless questions and how-tos.

  • What does it mean to be a parent?

  • How do we remain hopeful?

  • How do we keep the lies of loneliness out?

  • How do we communicate graciously?

  • What does it mean to be successful as a parent?

  • How do we stay true to ourselves?

  • How do we become the model of what we want our kids to become?

  • How can we take better care of ourselves and our families?

 We are growing through each of these questions with God's grace. We would love to have you join us on this amazing and empowering journey as we support each other and walk through this amazing life of parenthood and how to best support our families and ourselves in every area of our lives. From homeschooling hacks and mishaps, to improving our homelife and health to live above the wellness line. Are you ready? Will you join us?

FREEDOM: Health Choices For A Thriving Toxic Free Life
Do you want freedom from the toxicity of life?
Are you walking through each day, struggling to cope through the pain and brain fog, searching continually trying to find relief. Has this become normal for you?

Do you know that this does not have to be your normal?
Do you know that something in your home could be causing some of these issues?
Do you know what toxins are hiding in your home?

In every area of our lives there are toxins that bog us down. Some of them of our own making. We want to help you find the things that are holding you down 
physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. 
We have a program that will walk you through a step by step process of 
removing toxins from every area of your home.
We will guid you on how to to do your own research and what to keep 
and eye out for in products you buy. 
This process will empower you as the gatekeeper of your home and guide you in making informed decisions. You are in control of what you allow in 
your home and how you care for your family.


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Are you looking for a like minded community of parents that are learning how to keep there home and family supported naturally?  
We are sisters and mamas, here to give you support and confidence in your ability to care for your children. You as their parent know your children the best and know what your children’s needs are. We have helped our littles ones from skin sensitivities and food sensitivities, from learning style to love language. We homeschool and do many things as stay-at-home mamas. We want share our stories and steps we have followed and look forward to supporting you in your parenting journey.