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The loud pop silenced the chitter chatter of the kids. The shattering of glass and the big thump as the tires of the van rolled over the pile of glass that used to be a window startled me. The van swerved as I wavered in shock trying to comprehend what just took place.

I quickly pulled over and got off the busy roadway so I could collect myself and make sure everyone was okay. It was so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that we had just been shot at. WE WERE SHOT AT!?! With shaking hands, I put the van into park and turned to make sure each of the kiddos were okay. They were all alive, Thank God! They didn't even have one scratch on them, God's protection is indescribable. They glistened in the sunlight that was shining through where the window used to be. Even their eyelashes had itty bitty shards on them. They were all shaken and in shock. "Mom??", "It's all okay," I said, " you all are okay."

I took a deep breath and dialed 911. The lady on the other side who answered was calm and patient as I tried to calm my thoughts and describe what happened. 
Them: "Did you see the person who shot at you?" 
Me: "No, I was driving with my kiddos and paying attention to the road." 
Them: "Then we are unable to do anything for you."
Me: "........What?" 
Them: "Since you can't ID the person we have nothing to go on."
Me:  "oh..." 
The phone clicked.

I was left there on the side of the road, my children shaking and glistening in the sunlight because of the shower of glass that was sprayed on them. I felt abandoned, alone and unable to protect my children, even though I knew in my heart that their protection is in God's hands. 

I made the next call. My husband was shocked, and I could hear the emotions making his voice shake as he asked if we were all okay. After hanging up I took a deep breath clenched and released my hands and put the van into drive. We drove slowly home.

I knew I had to help each of us work through the trauma that had just taken place. Thankfully I had a specific lineup of emotionally supporting essential oils. I took each oil and diffused four drops of each in each of our rooms every night for a month. The amazing thing I saw was how uniquely each of the emotional releases that my kiddos had were. Some cried, some had bloody noses, some had accidents (when they had never had an accident in bed) and so on. But within that month they each improved and slowly healed. I thank God for His amazing gifts and care of us!

Do my kiddos remember the incident? Yes. 
Do they get scared thinking about it? No.
Do I get scared thinking about it? Not anymore.
Am I able to finally drive on that road without shaking? Yes.
God is good.  

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