Pregnancy After Miscarriage (Part 4)
We had our ultra sound during week 15 of my pregnancy and found out our baby is a boy! There were many tears and much excitement. My son is super excited to have a brother and someone to share his room with!

The emotion that comes with seeing your baby, hearing the heart beat is amazing! Seeing him was comforting and though is was just an ultrasound to find out what gender the baby was, there were no concerns and he looked perfect. This put my heart at ease. 

This comfort and ease did not last like I had hoped. It is frustrating how quickly fear can sneak in and cause concern and worry if you do not keep your guard up and pray over yourself. 

I realized in the week following that with my nausea subsiding and exhaustion letting up, that I felt less pregnant and that it made me start to worry again.

I also started to realize that I had these dates in my head that I wanted to reach. I had subconsciously, and having been through pregnancy before, noted what dates are important to reach for different developmental phases of the baby. 

First Goal: 10 weeks - the time we had miscarried our last little one
Second Goal: 14 weeks - first trimester completed
Third Goal: 18-20 weeks - ultrasound to see if everything is developing and measuring well
Fourth Goal: 21 -22 weeks - viability
Fifth Goal: 27-28 weeks - end of second trimester
Final Goal: 38 weeks - baby is fully developed

I was in between my second and third goals and I had my first midwife appointment to go to. Because of the holidays during the first trimester my first appointment had been set for the first week of the year. I was actually happy about that, because knowing I was going to get to hear our little guy's heart beat again was something to look forward on the way to my third goal. 


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