Pregnancy After Miscarriage(Part 3)
At this point in my pregnancy(7 weeks), I had shared with quite a few people that I was pregnant.  I had also been experiencing a lot of nausea, I needed protein at every meal, and nothing sounded appetizing. I had never been that nauseous, or off put by food during a pregnancy. 

One of my sweet friends commented, "At least when you feel so bad during pregnancy,  you know that it is going okay." And though that may not sound comforting, it was something that I hung on to for the next few weeks. Because when I thought about it, when I was feeling nauseous and disgusted by food, I felt pregnant. And feeling pregnant was comforting to me, even if I felt awful. 

I had to take it one day at a time. We prayed over the baby, and the pregnancy every day. I also started to speak life over my body and the baby.

- " This baby is strong, healthy, fearfully an wonderfully made just as God created him to be"
- " This pregnancy is going well."
- " My body is strong and healthy, my body can carry this baby perfectly because that is what it was created and designed to do by God."

Prayers and these proclamations have helped me to go day by day. 

Week 10 was Thanksgiving Dinner and I had a lot to do that week, while still trying to be cautious not to push myself too hard. This was the week that I had been anticipating and extra cautious of at the same time. I had researched everything that happens during the pregnancy during that week, and it is between the 10th and 11th week that is key for the placenta. The baby has not been relying on the placenta until this point. 

Needless to say I made it through week 10 and then very carefully breathed, trying not to have negative expectations, not allowing any lies, spoken in my ears about miscarriages happening after 10 weeks, take root and lead to fear and lack of trust in God. This is an active process, you cannot let your guard down. Otherwise fear takes hold so quickly and you can loose your peace. I think it was particularly interesting and in no way coincidental, that my most triggering week during my pregnancy was Thanksgiving week and the one where you think of everything you have to be grateful for..... it gave me good things to think about. My pregnancy is something I am very thankful for.

leading up to the 14th week I could feel the concern abating. It is interesting as I get further from the 10th week the better I feel. I still know that something could happen, but at this point leaving my pregnancy in God's hands, which is where is has always been anyway, is getting easier. 

Week 14 finished on Christmas weekend....(inhale and release)....And the first trimester is done. I am starting to feel better. My energy is coming up, my nausea is abating, I am feeling more like myself, and we are planning on getting an ultrasound during week 15. I am excited about this! This will be the first time I see the new life inside me and hear the heart beat! Life is such a Beautiful Miracle! 


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