Loss & Sorrow

When in times of sorrow and loss, it can be easy to drift away. Drifting away can happen in so many different ways. Sometimes our emotions can become so raw that it is hard to face reality. (Forgive me as I change this phrase a bit.) It can be hard to face what happens, but we should never be fearful of facing Life. Remember, Life is precious and oh so fleeting. When we let ourselves drift away into the raw emotions and let them take over or even try to not face them so burying yourself into something else. They become poison to our body. We sometimes call them coping mechanisms, but the best coping mechanisms is not to bury the emotions or to lose yourself in something.

What can a coping mechanism look like? It can take on so many different forms. When burying emotions it can cause nose bleeds, headaches, chest pains, and sluggish liver. Eating can also be a coping mechanism whether it is lack of eating or eating too much of something. Getting lost in the emotions can cause feelings of giving up or feeling stuck and unable to move. Each of these and more are all negative ways of dealing with sorrow and loss.

I have gone through so much loss recently and my heart is aching. I know what I am supposed to do but my heart is crying out and not wanting to do what my mind is telling it to do. So how do you get through something like this?


One small step...


That is my goal to take one itty bitty step at a time. It doesn't have to be a huge step just one small movement in the right direction. Every time I feel the swelling of tears, say a quick prayer. "God, please." It doesn't have to be more than that. Instead of eating ten chocolate blueberries, eat eight (okay maybe I ate twenty and slowly backed it to eighteen. But who's counting?)


 Be gentle with yourself during this time. It is easy to start beating yourself up when going through sorrow and loss, and I don't want you to do that. Allow yourself to feel. Give yourself grace so you can continue to take those itty-bitty steps.

You are not alone.

-Yohanna Wendt

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