Pregnancy After Miscarriage (Part 1)
Life has a beautiful way of surprising you, because..... God..... That is the only explanation I have.
We were gifted with another little one this past October 2021. We found we were pregnant at about 6 weeks and we are very excited!

This is when I found myself challenged with many of the things I became aware of during my miscarriage in 2020 and what I said about moms celebrating when they found they were pregnant again after a miscarriage. All my feelings and what had happened before came flooding about triggers.

We immediately shared with our children and they were very excited as they had been praying for another baby. We then shared with both of our parents and all our immediate family. Everyone was excited and joyful with us!

This began the journey of working through my feelings and emotions in a real life scenario. The past couple months I have dealt with a range of emotions.  I have refused to be stuck in fear and so far it has been a daily giving of my emotions, control, and fears, to God.

I have found praying and making proclamations over this baby, myself, and this pregnancy have helped a lot.

Different things have triggered me and sent me into an emotional spin that made me just want to shut down, and I totally went to bed, snuggled in my covers, and went to sleep because it was just to much to process and I couldn't at that moment in time.

What I have realized is that there are things  you may not realize you have not fully dealt with emotionally until a similar or same situation is encountered again. This challenges what you have learned and helps you to fully process and overcome what you have dealt with.


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