How do you keep going with homeschooling? How do keep on when you have nothing left?
These are some of the questions I get asked often since I've been homeschooling for over 10 years. Before delving into some easy steps, I take to keep myself going, I want to address this first:
Homeschooling is a choice, as is loving someone. If you don't feed it and are running on fumes you will not be successful. Be sure you are pouring into yourself and taking breaks. 
Here are some simple steps I have found that work for me. My hope in sharing these steps is that they will inspire other parents to find ways to help themselves and to set in place healthy ways to feed and pour into their life of homeschooling.
1.    What is my why? Why did I start homeschooling?
  •     Once I answer this question it lights a fire under me, and I start moving again. My why is so strong and so deep that it always helps me keep going.
  •      What is your why? Why are you homeschooling or wanting to homeschool?
2.    Who do I have on my side?
  •      Community: this one is HUGE!
  •    I have three close homeschooling mamas who are part of my journey. Obviously, they aren't the only ones who have encouraged me, God has brought in others at just the right moment to encourage and lift me up. But the three main ladies are the ones that are there day in and day out.
  •     One is a retired homeschooling mama who taught for over 30 years and is a wealth of information.
  •     One is at the same level of schooling with her kids as I am. (This is so helpful, so I know when certain subject struggles are not isolated to us) You are never alone in your journey. Just remember that.
  •     One is a retired public-school teacher who has been schooling who own children for the last few years. She is fresh and has such amazing and exciting ideas. She also teaches with such grace and understanding it helps me so much!
Each of these ladies are key and have helped me continue. We pour into each other and keep each other going. This, in itself, is an immeasurable gift.
3.    Last but certainly not least.
  •    Prayer.
I can't count how many times I have fallen on my knees before the cross giving it to Christ. Every time I take back the burden when I was never supposed to, and it gets too hard to stand I am reminded why I'm not in charge. He is in charge always and when I step out of line the burden becomes too heavy. So, prayer is my biggest and most valuable tool to help me keep going. It never fails. He never fails.
Here is is a pdf printout, Homeschool why & affirmations.pdf , with some affirmations for you and your kiddo/s and for you to write out your why. Be sure to hang it where you can see it every day. 

-Yohanna Wendt

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