My Why for Homeschooling!

 There are so many, beyond good, reasons to start homeschooling. But for now I want to delve deeper into my why.

Why is my why so important? Because it is what keeps me from giving up. No matter what is going on, no matter how tired I am, no matter how hard it is, my why is what keeps me going.

Even before my husband and I had kids we had decided we wanted to homeschool. Once we had our first, who was born with an anomaly in one of her chromosomes, it solidified it even more.

Having watched my brother who has down syndrome, go through school and seeing how the school informed my mom that after he reached a certain point in the education, they were going to have him repeat the same level over and over till he graduated. They didn't give him a chance to prove himself. My mom, who was a teacher before becoming a parent (she homeschooled the rest of us till we went to college), had been supplementing his schooling on the side and he was way beyond the level they were teaching him. My Husband and I decided the school system was not the place for our daughter.

We even talked to family members who were teachers and special ed teachers as well as friends who held those positions too. What we learned was not good.

It was the best choice we could have made for her. She has proven herself so many times and is smarter than anyone gives her credit for. 

My dream is for my daughter to thrive not barely survive through a curriculum that is not specific for her so she can't learn in the unique way she can grasp and learn things.

I have found that through homeschooling, not only with my daughter but my other five children, that each child learns differently and needs to have the freedom to learn in their own unique way. With homeschooling I have the choice of what is being taught to my children and how. I can customize every part of their learning journey specifically to them. I don't have to try and understand what is being taught by a teacher and then struggle myself to explain and help my children through their homework. It has been absolutely and amazingly freeing and even our schedule in our control.


This is my why. They are my why.

-Yohanna Wendt 

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